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2018.06.18 中国での模造品に付属する乳首の欠陥について


当社品質管理部が検査した結果、哺乳びんにセットされている乳首に欠陥が発見されました。乳首の先端部分、赤ちゃんが吸う部分に穴が空いていません。また、本来は底辺に空気を通す切れ目がありますが、この部分に切れ目がないことも確認されました。 この乳首は欠陥品であり、この乳首を使っての授乳は不可能です。乳幼児の健康を害する 可能性があることをご報告いたします。(写真参照)当社ではこの乳首の事故については 一切保証は致しません。

当社としましては当社正規商品でなければ一切の保証も責任も負うことはできません。 「ドクターベッタ哺乳びん」をお求めいただく際は、当社直営店、直営サイト、正規代理店でお買い求めいただきます様お願いいたします。模造品には十分にご注意ください。




2018.06.13 Doctor Bétta Baby Bottle – announcement on the defective nipples imitations from China

This is an official announcement regarding the further tests on counterfeits as mentioned in the previous announcement of June 1 st , 2018.

All the results gathered by our company Quality Department show that the nipples included with the baby bottles in sets counterfeits have a major defect: the tip of these nipples – where the baby is supposedly able to suckle and draw milk – may not necessarily be holed, but rather closed. Furthermore, the base of the nipple where the air valve operates a fundamental function of air regulation may also be totally devoid of said valve or hole. These two flaws make these nipples not only unusable, but extremely dangerous for the safety of your child (cf. picture). We ask you to refrain from using such defect products and remind you our company Zoom-T Co.,Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the warrantee or support of any of these counterfeits.

All customers willing to purchase authentic Bétta products should do so on our official Bétta Baby Store or at any authorized retailer or supplier:

>>List of Bétta products Official Retailers and Suppliers

As we will continue providing reports to our faithful customers, please accept our sincere wish for you to be cautious of counterfeits when buying infant care products.


2018.06.13 关于在中国市场出现的仿造商品配备的奶嘴的缺陷问题