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Announcement about Dr. Betta Baby Bottles imitations from China.

I wish to thank all our customers for always using trustfully our Dr. Betta Baby Bottles.
As you may already know, a lot of supposedly Zoom-T products currently circulate in People’s Republic of China, and we recently had the opportunity to obtain some of these non-authentic articles: they appear in the pictures above.

All these packaging bear the mention「株式会社ベッタ」(Betta Co., Ltd.), as well as 「株式会社ベッタが製造販売する商品」(Manufactured and Distributed by Betta Co., Ltd). However, these have nothing to do with our company. Indeed, our official website [Betta Baby Store] along with all our official retailers and partners only sell authentic Betta products: thus we cannot provide any legal guarantee for any product bought through other means.

If you are to purchase any authentic Dr. Betta product, we invite you to do so via the official distribution routes.

Dr. Betta Baby Bottle Official Retailers List

Our goal is for all the faithful customers of Dr. Betta Baby Bottle to use our products with safety ensured. With that purpose we will keep everyone updated about any new information.
Thank you all for your understanding.

※Last minute※Information report※
Following the previous announcement regarding Dr. Betta Baby Bottles imitations, we are now able to disclose those retailers information:

○ Retailer:

○ Operator:
贝塔婴儿用品(北京)有限公司 - based in Peking

○ Website:

These three contractors and all their individuals have absolutely neither link nor business with our company, Zoom-T Co., Ltd.
We hope for all the customers to be careful by all means when purchasing our products.

March 15th, 2017
Zoom-T Co., Ltd.
C.E.O Tomoko Kawai

关于在中国出现“Doctor Betta奶瓶”类似品之事

 非常感谢广大用户对Doctor Betta奶瓶的厚爱!
 日前,我们发现了一批在中华人民共和国流通的、并非Zoom-T Co.,Ltd.正品的“类似品”,特此报告。敬请参照上图。


 我公司对于从Betta Baby Store或正规经销商处购买的正品之外的商品质量,概不负责。
 敬请广大用户在购买Doctor Betta奶瓶时,务必从Betta Baby Store或正规经销商处购买。


 为了保证广大用户能够安心地使用Doctor Betta奶瓶,我们还将继续收集相关信息并会在第一时间报告。敬请理解和支持。


○ 经销商

○ 运营公司

○ 销售网站URL

上述经销商、运营公司、销售网站与Zoom-T Co.,Ltd.没有任何关系。敬请希望购买我公司商品的用户留意,切勿混淆。

Zoom-T Co.,Ltd.
代表取缔役 Kawai Tomoko